Enabling Background Downloading

Background Downloading

The Background Downloading feature allows you to download an alternate strategy to a controller while the active strategy currently on the controller continues to run. With two different strategies downloaded to the controller you can switch rapidly from one strategy to the other.

This allows you to:

  • Download a new or updated strategy to the controller and then optionally run it with minimal downtime. For larger strategies, downtime is dramatically reduced.
  • Download and test a new or updated strategy but still keep the original strategy available.

NOTE: You can bring back the original very quickly, either by manually switching from one strategy to the other, or—if the original is still burned to flash—by cycling power.

To Enable Background Downloading:

Enabling Background Downloading is a two-part procedure. The first part uses groov Manage and the second part uses PAC Control when you are configuring your control strategy. 

Background Downloading

Part 1

There are 4 steps to enable background downloading using groov Manage.

1. In the groov Manage Home screen, select Control Engine.

2. In the Control Engine screen, select Configuration to access the Background Downloading setting.


Activate Background Downloading

3. Select Background Downloading button, move the slider to the right to show the green.

4. Click Save

PAC Control Background Download Option

Part 2

There are 4 steps using PAC Control.

1. While creating your control strategy in PAC Control Configure mode, select File > Strategy Options.

2. In the Strategy Options screen, select the Download tab.

3. In the Background Downloading section, select Use background downloading and fast strategy updating.

4. Click OK.

For more information, see the 2267, groov  EPIC User's Guide.



Overview of the Background Downloading feature and steps to enable this feature.