Setting up an External Display and its Orientation

The steps to add an external monitor to your groov EPIC controller by connecting it to its HDMI port are:


1. Log into groov Manage as an administrator.

2. Connect your monitor with an HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the groov EPIC processor.

External monitor


3. From the groov Manage Home screen, select System > Display.

The display options are shown. 

Note: This view is from a PC connected through a browser to the groov EPIC processor. The view from the touchscreen includes an option to calibrate the touchscreen.

4. Slide the HDMI Port Enabled slider button to the right, it turns green.

Monior's orientation

5. To set up the monitor's orientation, select the Orientation option.


The Orientation screen offers these options:  

  • Landscape - Normal: Displays information horizontally.
  • Portrait - Left: Displays information vertically. Use if the monitor will be positioned to the left of another monitor (additional monitor not connected to the  groov EPIC processor).
  • Portrait - Right: Displays vertically. Use if the monitor will be positioned to the right of another monitor (additional monitor not connected to the groov EPIC processor).

6. Select the option you prefer for the monitor.


Save option 7. Click Save.

8. Click Restart Display to have the changes you made saved and take effect.

9. After a short time, the login screen appears and you can log back into your groov EPIC processor.




Learn how to add an external display monitor to the groov EPIC processor. You can also set up this display's orientation.