Running a Control Program

Run a control program using CODESYS and groov EPIC

Running a Control Program


About this course

About this course

In this course, learn how to run a control program using CODESYS and groov EPIC, lessons include:

  • About Program Organization Unit (POU)

Learn about Program Organization Unit (POU), PLC_PRG, and Program Calls.

  • Reading a Temperature (AI) with Structured Text

Learn how to program the POU called PLC_PRG using Structured Text (ST). The program will show how you can change the temperature between  °C and °F, and how you can have a physical input (DI, digital input), turn on an output.

  • Reading a Contact (DI) and Writing to a Coil (DO) with Ladder Logic

Learn how a Ladder Diagram is programmed using digital input and output points.

Course Duration: ~ 45-60 minutes