Choosing the groov Manage Menu

After creating an account, the You're ready to go screen appears.

Choose Quick Start of Configure

The next step is to choose between the View Quick Start or Configure Device buttons.

  • View Quick Start is for first-time users attempting to configure a groov EPIC unit, and it provides a list of suggested configuration steps to get your groov EPIC system up and running. 
  • Configure Device is for users with prior groov EPIC unit configuration experience, it allows you to check, and make changes from the main groov Manage screen.

For this lesson, select View Quick Start.

Note: If you are ready to go to the groov  Manage Home screen and configure the device, review other groov Manage courses.



After you've created you first Admin account, you're ready to configure your groov EPIC processor. In this lesson, we advise choosing Quick Start  and we offer guided help as to what to configure next.

If you are ready to go to the groov  Manage Home screen, please see other groov Manage courses.