The Welcome! Screen

After you assemble your groov  EPIC unit and turn it on, the groov EPIC processor runs through its start-up sequence, and the Welcome! screen appears.

Welcome screens

1. Before you select the Let’s get started! button, check that you have the following:

  • The groov EPIC license file. If you don't have one, review the lesson "The Activation Code and Downloading the License File."
  • A computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.
  • A hostname for your groov EPIC processor. 
  • A user name and password to create a user ID that will have administrator authority.
  • Pen and paper.

2. SAVE the information on the Welcome! screen, note the following:

  • The firmware version. 

Compare it to the latest released version on the Opto 22 web site.

If the firmware on the web site is newer than the one installed on the processor, you may want to apply the new firmware after you finish initializing.

  • The IP Address in the Eth0 box.

If its displayed, connect to the groov EPIC processor through a web browser by entering the IP address to finish initialization.

If the Eth0 IP Address box displays the message Not Available and an Ethernet cable is connected to the Eth0 network interface, you have to manually set the IP address.

3. When you are ready (you've noted all the information on the screen), select Let’s get started!.



Steps to check the groov  EPIC start-up screen.