Restoring a Backup (step by step)

The steps to restore a backup on the groov EPIC unit are: 

1. Locate the media or folder that contains the backup file and remove any security you may have applied to the file.

2. On a computer or mobile device, log into your groov EPIC processor with a user ID that has administrator authority.

NOTE: You cannot run the backup feature from the groov EPIC processor.

3. Select Maintenance button.

4. Select Restore

5. In the Restore screen, select or deselect the settings you want to restore.

  • If you want to restore a particular set of settings, leave the slider green.
  • If you do not want to restore a particular set of settings, move the slider to the left so that it shows gray.

6. Select Upload Backup.

7. Navigate to the folder or media device that contains your backup file.

8. Select Open.   

NOTE: groov Manage displays a screen explaining what the groov EPIC processor will do during the restore, read carefully before proceeding. 

9. Click Restore and Restart
NOTE: groov Manage displays a progress screen of the restore.When the restore is done, groov Manage displays check marks and completed progress bars. This may take a few minutes. Be sure to not interrupt the process.

10. Select Next. groov Manage displays a screen with a few tips about what you might need to do next.

11. Read the message and select Close.

12. The groov EPIC processor restarts.

13. Wait for the groov EPIC login screen and log back in with any user ID that has administrator authority and was stored in the backup file.

13. Review the configuration settings for things like I/O, date and time, and network, to assess whether you need to make additional changes that were not stored in the backup file. 

NOTE: Because the backup files contain only the first 10 MB of user files, if there were any additional files that weren’t included in those 10 MB, you’ll want to upload them manually like you did the first time.

For more information, see Form 2267, groov  EPIC User's Guide.




Steps to restore a back up.

TIP: Restoring a back up allows you quickly restore a set of prior configuration settings whenever needed.