Installing a System Update (step by step)

To apply maintenance to your groov EPIC unit, follow these steps:

1. If you do not have an ID on, create one.

2. Log on to 

3. Download the latest software update.

4. Connect to your groov EPIC processor through a web browser.

5. Log in with a user ID and password that has administrator authority.

6. Run a backup.

7. Click the menu button (Menu button).

8. Click Maintenance (Maintenance button).

9. Click Update (Update button).

10. Navigate to the software update file you downloaded in step 3.

For more information, see Form 2267, groov  EPIC User's Guide.



Steps to apply maintenance updates to your groov EPIC unit. 

TIP: Active maintenance keeps your groov EPIC unit up-to-date with the latest features and fixes and allows access to unlimited software updates and upgrades.