Best Practices

There are several best practices related to backing up your groov EPIC unit.

One best practice is to consistently back up your groov EPIC unit before you apply a software or firmware update and/or before installing an update of your control program.

Another best practice is understanding a system's back up features, the key back up features of your groov EPIC unit to remember are:

  • The backup feature does not save a copy of your control program or HMI.
  • The backup feature saves only the first 10 MB of user files, which are the files that you uploaded to the processor.
  • The backup file is not a secured or encrypted file. You must apply your own security or encryption to the back up file.
  • You can run the backup feature only on a computer or mobile device. You can not run the backup feature from the groov EPIC processor.


Key best practices related to backing up your groov EPIC unit.