Configuring the Temperature Scale for an I/O Unit

There are 5 steps to choosing the temperature scale, Fahrenheit or Celsius, for readings from temperature points.

I/O to I/O Unit Configuration and Tools

1. From groov Manage Home, select I/O.

2. Select I/O Unit Configuration and Tools.

I/O Unit Temperature Configuration

3. From the I/O Unit menu, select Configuration to access the Temperature Unit setting.

NOTE: The default temperature scale is Celsius.

Temperature in Fahrenheit

4. To change the temperature scale to Fahrenheit, click on the green Celsius text, and select Fahrenheit.


Save Temperature Scale 5. Select Save to save the temperature selection.

For more information, see the 2267, groov  EPIC User's Guide.




Steps to choose temperature scale, Fahrenheit or Celsius, for temperature points.