Configuring the Watchdog Timeout for an I/O Unit

The groov EPIC unit monitors activity on the I/O port. If no communication is received for the specified interval, the unit assumes a Watchdog state. All selected outputs will then immediately go to a specified value, as configured in the Watchdog Timeout field for analog or digital points. The default time is set to 0 ms.

To configure the Watchdog Time, use PAC Control or groov Manage.

  • If you use PAC Control, the Watchdog state time is configured in the Add Analog Point or Add Digital Point dialog boxes. 
  • If you use groov Manage, follow these 5 steps:
I/O to I/O Unit Configuration and Tools

1. From groov Manage Home, select  I/O.

2. Select I/O Unit Configuration and Tools.

Configure Watchdog Timeout

3. From the I/O Unit menu, select Configuration to access the Watchdog Timeout (ms) setting.

NOTE: The default time is set to 0 ms.

Set Watchdog Timeout

4. Select the green number field  to change the Watchdog timeout value (in milliseconds), for example 100.

Save changes 5. Select Save. 

For more information, see Form 2267, groov  EPIC User's Guide.



Steps to set a Watchdog Timeout on the groov EPIC unit.