Inspecting groov I/O Module Status

To inspect the groov I/O module status, follow these steps:


1. From the groov Manage Home screen, select I/O.

The list of groov I/O modules on the chassis appears.

Note: You can also select I/O from the Home toolbar.

2. View the status of each module installed on the chassis.

  • Each box in the list represents a module or an available slot for one. 
  • Each black box is a module that's installed in that slot.
  • Each gray box that says Empty is an empty slot without a module.
  • The blue bar next to each installed module indicates it's operating normally.

In this example, nine modules are installed in slots 0-8 on a 16-module chassis. The blue bar next to each of the nine modules indicates they are operating normally.






Note: Additional information available from the list of modules includes:




Learn how to inspect the status of each groov I/O module.