Viewing groov I/O Module Wiring

There are two ways to view the wiring diagram of a groov I/O module, depending on whether you have a module installed or not.

If you have a module installed, follow these steps:



1. From the groov Manage Home screen, select I/O.

2. Select an installed module (in this example, IDCI-12 is selected).

3. Select the Info tab. 

The module wiring diagram appears.

If you don't have a module installed, follow these steps.

1. From the groov Manage Home screen, select I/O.

2. Select I/O Unit Configuration and Tools.

3. Select Module Reference.  

A list of I/O modules appears.

4. Select the > button next to the desired module (in this example, GRV-IMA-24 is selected). 

The module's specifications page appears.


5. From the module's specification's page, select Wiring Diagram.

The module wiring diagram is displayed.






Learn how to view wiring for the groov I/O modules.