Quick Start: A List of Common Settings

After selecting Quick-Start , a screen with a list of Common Settings to configure appears. 

The list suggests the order to complete the steps, but you don't have to follow this order, or complete all of the steps. 

Here is some guidance about the Common Settings.

Quick Start 3

 Network settings.  You may need to configure network settings because:

  • You noticed that the IP address boxes said “Not Available” and you need to set the IP addresses manually (this is a static IP address).
  • You want to configure settings so that the processor can connect to a DHCP server to get an IP address automatically.
  • You want to change the IP address that was assigned to the processor.
  • You want to connect to a specific DHCP server.
  • You want to set the IP address manually (this is a static IP address).

License. You purchased and received a groov  EPIC Plus, groov EPIC Enterprise, or an Ignition Edge license, and need to upload the licenses.

Accounts. You want to create additional accounts for your control program and HMI.

Time. To set the date and time, or select a time server to synchronize with your processor’s date and time.

Server SSL. To view and download the current system.

For more information, see the 2267, groov  EPIC User's Guide.



An overview of the Quick Start options you may want to configure on the groov  Manage screen.