Viewing Information About a Quality Error

1. Log into your groov EPIC processor with a user ID that has administrator privileges.

2. Select the menu button (Menu button), then select I/O. groov Manage shows the Modules page.

In the following diagram, the module in slot 8 is reporting there's a quality error (as indicated by the yellow color):

Quality error on Ch8










3. In the Modules page, select the box that represents the module that's reporting a quality error. In the example from the previous step, select the box on the top right.

Module reporting error






4. groov Manage displays the list of channels for that module and highlights the channel that is reporting the quality error with a yellow background.

List of channels with errors

Select that channel.

5. groov Manage displays the specific information about that channel:

Quality field with error message

The Quality field shows you a message with an error code number and a possible reason for the error. This information can help you troubleshoot problems with a field device wired to that specific channel.




Learn how to view module quality information in groov Manage.