Installing the Opto 22 Library Package

There are eight steps to install the Opto 22 Library Package.

1. Go to the Opto 22 website, 

Enter “Opto 22 Library Package” in the search box to  find the download page for  “Opto 22 Library Package for CODESYS Development System.”  Follow the instructions to download.

groov EPIC Learning Center User: The CODESYS file is found in  ../Documents/groov EPIC Training/CODESYS.

2. Open the CODESYS Development System.

Select CODESYS from the Start menu folder.







3. Select Tools->Package Manager from the menu.






4. Click Install from Package Manager.


5. Navigate to where you saved the Opto 22 Library Package file, Opto22-, select it, and click Open.

groov EPIC Learning Center user:  The Opto22 Library Package file is found in C:\Users\..\Documents\groov EPIC Training\CODESYS\.


6. Click Next to select the default Typical Setup.








7. Click Next to continue installing and then Finish to close the installation window.









The Opto 22 Library Package is installed.

8. Click Close to close the Package Manager.











Steps to install the Opto 22 Library Package.