Adding the groov I/O Modules to the Configuration

Before you can add groov I/O modules to the configuration, you'll scan the I/O modules to discover what's installed on the chassis.

1. Under Ethernet(Ethernet) in the Device tree, select GRV_EPIC_PR1 (GRV-EPIC-PR1), right click, and select Scan For Devices.


2. The Scan Devices window displays a list of the groov I/O modules that are installed on the groov EPIC chassis. Click on Copy All Devices to Project.

Note:  If the I/O module list does not appear, select the Scan Devices on the bottom left of the screen.

3. The groov I/O modules are added to the Device Tree under GRV_EPIC_PR1(GRV-EPIC-PR1).


You’re now ready to go Offline (Logout), and configure the I/O for programming.



4. To go Offline (Logout), select Online > Logout, or use the Logout button (). L4A2_46a.png


Now that the groov I/O modules have been added to the project, they are ready to be configured for programming, which includes naming them.



Steps to add the groov I/O modules to the configuration.