Defining the Ethernet Adapter as the Communication Interface

You’re ready to define how the controller hardware and communication interface is going to be set up. To start, you'll add a device, the Ethernet interface, to the groov EPIC controller.

1. In the Devices Tree, right-click on Device and select Add Device.


2. Click the + to expand the Ethernet Adapter from the Fieldbusses device list, and select Ethernet.

Notice: When you select Ethernet, the name was added in the Name field.

3. Click Add Device.


The Ethernet (Ethernet) device is added to the Devices Tree.  

Notice it’s under Device (GRV-EPIC-PR1).

4. Click Close from the Add Device window.

Now you're ready to define the module slots the controller can accommodate.



Steps to define the Ethernet Adapter as the communication interface.