Automation 101: Wire a Level Sensor



Monitoring tank and liquid levels is a fundamental task in automation.

In this lesson, learn how to wire a level sensor.  We will explain how a level sensor using a 4-20 mA signal can give you the data you need, and how you can get additional data from a sensor that communicates using the HART® (highway addressable remote transducer) protocol, even though the sensor has only two wires.

See Automation 101: Wire a Level Sensor (webpage) for a parts list, technical documents, wiring diagrams and more information.

Go to Opto 22 for more information on the SNAP-PAC Learning CenterPAC Control and other Opto 22 parts shown in the lesson.

Additional references

Overview page of the transducer

Detailed specifications of the transducer

Opto 22 Case study: 2146, Plummer's Environmental Services

Learn about the HART protocol

Opto 22 SNAP I/O modules for use with the HART protocol data sheet