Automation 101: Monitor Electricity Usage



Self-powered digital input modules include a small power source and are perfect to connect to a dry contact or mechanical relay. The small applied voltage allows the digital input model to be located some distance from the relay. 

In this lesson, learn the basics of how to monitor electricity. By using a self-powered module to sense the contact closures in a power meter, we will show you how to look at KY or KYZ energy pulses, what they mean, and how you can use them to monitor your facility's energy use in real time or send the data to a cloud service for further analysis.

See Automation 101: Monitor Electricity (webpage) for a parts list, technical documents, wiring diagrams and more information.

Go to Opto 22 for more information on the SNAP-PAC Learning CenterPAC Control and other Opto 22 parts shown in the lesson.